Everyone can do something

Preventing interpersonal violence like sexual assault, stalking and intimate partner violence can seem overwhelming. But it becomes a lot easier if we all work together. One person can’t do everything, but everyone can do something!

We can all take action to prevent violence in our everyday lives. By simply showing that Cougs care for one another and our community, we can help reduce violence on our campus and in our community.

Hanging out with friends or heading to a party? Here are some things you can do to take action and make sure you and your friends stay safe.

  1. Charge your phone before going out. Make sure you’ve got enough battery life to stay in contact with your group throughout the night.
  2. Check in. Plan to have everyone check in with another group member before leaving the party. If someone doesn’t check in, call or text to make sure they’re okay.
  3. Take action. If you see someone making another person feel uncomfortable, or even unsafe, it’s hard to know what to do. It can be even harder to intervene if your friend is the one pushing someone’s boundaries. If you don’t feel comfortable directly calling the person out, you could try distracting them with another topic or activity.
  4. Make a back-up plan. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Talk as a group about assigning a designated driver for the night. In case that doesn’t work out, save a number for a cab company in your phone and make sure everyone keeps a little cash on hand to pitch in for a cab.
  5. Pace yourself. If you choose to drink, don’t let drinking too much get in the way of enjoying your night out. Make sure to eat a full meal before going out, or eat snacks throughout the night. You can also alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
  6. Listen to your gut. If you see or hear something that makes you uncomfortable, take a second look and check in. Even if it’s a false alarm, simply asking someone “are you okay?” can help you make sure the night is enjoyable for everyone.
  7. Delegate. If you see a potentially violent situation developing and you’re not sure how to intervene, ask someone else to step in. This can be another friend, an RA, a bouncer or even the police.

When other people see you taking everyday small actions to take to care of others, they’re more likely to do the same.

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