Healthy Relationships 

Maintaining healthy relationships is vital to every aspect of our wellness (physical, mental, emotional, etc.). Connecting with friends and family members in a positive and healthy way allows us to grow as human beings, all while helping and supporting the growth of others.

What You Can Do

  • Stay connected through phone calls and video chats
  • If you live with your significant other, give each other some space so as not to get on each other’s nerves
  • Play a low-stress game (low level of competitiveness)
  • Watch a lighthearted movie
  • Do separate activities but in the same room together
  • Consider calling a truce on arguments to make living under one roof bearable
  • Have virtual date nights (dinner, glass of wine, candles, etc.)
  • Take a walk by yourself to lighten up any tension and to give each other some space

General Resources

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