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Cougar Health Services

CAPS Statement

Our Commitment to the Mental Health of our Black and African American Students

Call For ALL Appointments

Until further notice, all medical clinic appointments should be made over the phone at 509-335-3575, during business hours.

DO NOT go to the Cougar Health Services without calling first. This will help avoid the potential spread of infection and allows staff to provide appropriate care for you and those who are currently in the clinic. Please let staff know if you have a fever or new/worsening cough. If you are coming to Cougar Health Services for a scheduled appointment, you will need to wear a cloth face covering.

All Counseling and Psychological Services appointments should be made over the phone at 509-335-4511. Students can still access the after hours crisis phone at 509-335-2159.

The Vision Clinic is open for routine and medical services. Please call 509-335-0360 to schedule an appointment.

Visit for WSU updates.


Counseling and Psychological Services

An initial consultation is the point of entry for every student coming to Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) for the first time. At your initial consultation appointment, you will receive an assessment from a mental health counselor who is equipped to listen to your concerns and assess what level of care is best for you. It typically takes an hour and 15 minutes to complete paperwork and attend the initial consultation appointment. If you’re in crisis, you can contact us by phone 24/7 for support. Current clients can also make, reschedule, or cancel appointments by phone.

Medical Clinic

The medical clinic offers scheduled appointments and a limited number of same-day appointments. You can make an appointment over the phone during clinic hours, in person, or online through our Patient Portal.

Vision Clinic

You can make an appointment at the vision clinic by phone or online through the Patient Portal.