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Cougar Health Services Counseling and Psychological Services

COVID-19 Update

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) has modified practice procedures and will be providing all services by secure Zoom or telephone. Please call the reception desk at 509-335-4511 during regular business hours to access services, whether you are a current counseling client, current psychiatry client, or a student who wants to start counseling or psychiatry.

Individual & Couples Counseling

To get started with individual or couples counseling, your first visit will be an initial consultation to receive an assessment from a mental health counselor.

Individual counseling

Start or resume counseling during the summer

WSU Pullman students can come into Counseling and Psychological Services to make an appointment for individual or couples counseling during the summer. Students will be charged the Summer Health Fee if they schedule ongoing appointments and have not already paid the summer health fee.

Start or resume counseling during the school year

Current WSU Pullman students who are considering individual or group counseling, or want to consult with a counselor for any reason, can come into Counseling and Psychological Services to make an appointment.

After this initial consultation, you may be assigned to a counselor for individual services, assigned to a group for group therapy, referred to another service, or placed on a waiting list for counseling services.

Our local community also offers a variety of options for off-campus psychological services. If you’re seeking resources outside WSU in Pullman and the Palouse region, consult our referral guide for community psychological providers.

Couples counseling for WSU Pullman students

WSU Pullman students can participate in counseling for couples or marriage counseling. Students who have paid the current student health fee are eligible for couples counseling with their partners.

Both partners must come to WSU Counseling and Psychological Services during walk-in hours to meet with counselors individually prior to starting couples counseling. Prior to meeting with a counselor, each partner will complete the initial intake questionnaires and consent for counseling forms. Once paperwork is completed, each member of the couple will meet individually with a counselor for a screening interview. This will allow the counselor to determine what services are the best fit for the couple’s needs. After the screening interviews, the counselor will contact the couple and let them know if they will be scheduled for couples counseling or referred for another type of service.

Please note that openings for couples counseling services may be limited depending on counselor availability.