Real Talk Thursdays

If you’re struggling with an issue or just need some quick tips on navigating a situation, Real Talk Thursdays are for you! 

Real Talk Thursdays are 30-minute workshops offered every week in which mental health counselors offer tips and guidance on a variety of topics. You can watch them live or check out recordings of previous sessions below. 

If you’ve attended a session, please provide feedback so we can improve our services. 

Spring 2022 Real Talk Sessions

1:30-2:00 p.m. via Zoom

January 27

Social Media and the Dangers of Self-Diagnosis | Join Zoom

February 3

Men Need Friends Too. Here's How to Make Them. | Join Zoom

February 10

Is My Relationship "Toxic?" | Join Zoom

February 17

The Power Balance, Pt. 2: Navigating Professional Boundaries for Grad Students | Join Zoom

February 24

Finding Your Mid-Semester Motivation | Join Zoom

March 3

It's Not All on You: The Systems Contributing to Your Mental Health and What to do About It | Join Zoom

March 10

Managing Grief While Managing Life | Join Zoom

March 24

Coping with the Stress of Graduating | Join Zoom

March 31

Understanding Your Sexual and Gender Identities | Join Zoom

April 7

Overcoming the Perils of Perfectionism | Join Zoom

Previous Topics

  • Relationships
    • What’s Your Relationship Attachment Style? | Watch 
    • Unhealthy vs. Healthy Relationship Communication | Watch 
    • Red Flag, Green Flag: What to Watch for in the Dating World | Watch 
    • (Un)Healthy: Signs of a Healthy vs. Toxic Relationships | Watch 
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Social Justice
    • Navigating Academia as a BIPOC | Watch 
    • Going from Ally to Advocate: Standing with the BIPOC Community | Watch 
    • ACTivism: Being an Ally on Social Media and IRL | Watch 
  • Mental and Physical Health
    • Living in the Age of Fear: Learning How to Cope | Watch 
    • Where Mental Health Meets ‘Macho’: Finding Wellbeing While Being Masculine | Watch 
    • How Important is Sleep, Really?  
    • Living Life for Yourself (Not Just Everyone Else) | Watch 
    • Mental Health and the Holidays: Tips to Manage Stress | Watch 
    • Normal Reactions to Abnormal Events | Watch 
    • Let’s Take a Breather - Relaxation During Times of Stress
    • Tell Me Something Good! Building Healthy Positivity | Watch 
  • Studying and Learning
    • The Power Balance: Navigating Professional Boundaries for Grad Students | Watch 
    • How to Advocate for Yourself: From the Classroom to Personal Life | Watch 
    • Staying Motivated Through Zoom Fatigue
    • Let’s Take a Break! (Relaxation Skills) 
  • Other
    • Managing Pre-Election Stress | Watch 
    • Navigating Post-Election Reactions
  • COVID Tips
    • Dating (Safely) During the COVID-19 Pandemic | Watch 
    • What’s Your Pandemic Attachment Style in Relationships? | Watch 
    • “I Need My Space!” The Stress of Staying at Home | Watch 
    • Coping with Re-Opening: Tips for a New Normal | Watch