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Cougar Health Services

Referral Guide for Community Psychological Providers

Your Counseling and Psychological Services counselor may recommend a transition of care to a community provider following the initial assessment during your first visit or after some treatment and further assessment of your needs.

Accessing your insurance benefits

If you have health insurance, begin by taking these steps:

  1. There is a 1-800 number on the back of your insurance card. Call this number to reach the customer service representative for your insurance company. They will ask you for your insurance ID number (located on the front of your card), your birthdate, and your home address.
  2. Ask them what your “outpatient mental health benefits” are. (Sometimes these are referred to as “behavioral health benefits.”)
  3. Ask for a listing of names of therapists or psychological services in your local zip code. Make sure to get more than 1-2 names, as you may need to call several different people. They may also give you a website on which you can look up this information.
  4. It can be helpful to have the following questions answered:
    Is there a deductible to meet? A deductible is an amount that you will need to pay before your insurance company starts paying their portion of the cost. If so, you will want to know how much the deductible is, and how much has been met to date.
    What is my co-pay or co-insurance? A co-pay is the amount that you will be responsible for paying at each appointment. Your insurance company may provide you with an actual dollar amount (for example, $20 per appointment) or they may tell you the percentage that they will pay for each visit, in which case your coinsurance is the remaining portion (for example, your insurance pays 80 percent and your co-insurance is 20 percent).
    How many sessions can I receive per year? Your insurance company may give you an exact number of sessions, or they may say “unlimited sessions based on medical necessity.”
    Is pre-authorization or referral required before meeting with a therapist?

Locating and contacting a community provider

After obtaining a list of providers from your insurance, you will begin by calling the names on the list. If you do not have insurance, a list of sliding scale providers can be found below.

Keep in mind that space is limited with counselors and psychiatric providers, so you may need to call several in order to find out who has openings.
Try not to get discouraged if you cannot speak with the contact person directly, as you will often need to leave a confidential voice mail. In your voice mail, you will need to identify yourself, mention who referred you, and provide a return phone number and times you can be reached.

The provider will call you back, usually within a day or two unless you indicate that you need an urgent contact.

When you make contact, it can be helpful to ask additional questions:

  1. Are you currently accepting any new clients?
  2. How soon would an appointment be available?
  3. My concerns have to do with (depression/anxiety/eating issues/alcohol issues/relationship
    problems/etc.) Do you have experience working with these concerns?
  4. Do you still take insurance payment from [your insurance company?
  5. What are your payment policies? Do I need provide co-payment at the first visit?
  6. Where is your office located?
  7. Is there anything else I should be aware of?

If you have additional questions or need assistance in any way, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Private practice and community providers

(Pullman and Palouse region)

Mental Health Care Providers

Barabasz Psychological Services (Hypnosis) 509-301-3811

Behavioral Health Solutions 208-882-2182

  • Mark Yama, Ph.D.

Child & Family Services (Washington) 866-789-1511

Child Protection Services 800-557-9671

Idaho Department of Health & Welfare 208-799-4440
Jennifer Shuffield, Clinical Supervisor

Community Action Center 509-334-9147

Counseling Center of the Palouse 208-883-0619
Children through adults; families, couples/individuals

  • Rebecca Alexander, Ph.D.
  • Rebecca Bohn
  • Keith Haley, M.S., LPC
  • Alicia Hu, Ph.D.
  • April Rubino, M.Ed., LPC
  • Alan Whitlock, Ph.D. (16 & older)
  • Susan Simonds, Ph.D. (couples only)

Educational & Psychological Services 208-883-1144
Children through adults; families, couples/individuals; psychological assessment

  • Jeanne Steffen (Bulgin), Ph.D.
  • Jarod Fitzgerald, Ph.D. (Clarkston office)
  • Masha Gartstein, Ph.D.
  • Priscilla Hernandez Hacker, Ph.D.
  • Tim S. Rehnberg, Ph.D.
  • W. Rand Walker, Ph.D.
  • Glenn Vaughn, M.Ed.

The Family Center, LLC 509-332-2600
Therapy and psychological testing

  • Jessica Viergutz, Psy.D.

Fraley & Associates, PLLC (Moscow) 509-710-8171

  • Lynn A. Fraley, MA, M.Ed., LCMHP

Frances Wagner, MS, LMHC (Colfax) 509-288-4949

Jennifer Luboski, Ph.D. 509-334-0677
Adolescents & adults; couples/individuals

Jack Venbrux, LMHC 509-336-5972

Karen Knoff, LCPC, LMHC, ATR-BC (Moscow) 208-301-0649

Martha Kitzrow, Ph.D. 208-883-1842

Len McCoy, Psy.D. 509-338-9100

Brian McNeill, Ph.D. 509-336-9045

Liana Shull, LICSW 509-334-0782

Laurie J. Smith, Ph.D. 509-595-5225

Palouse Psychological Services 509-330-5456

  • Mark Summerson, PhD
  • Melanie Whetstine, PhD

Paradise Creek Counseling & Consulting 208-882-2566

  • Dan Bayly, LCPC
  • Della Bayly, MS
  • Caren Loomis, COU-I
  • Kami Cornwall, LPC

Piper Warwick, MS, LMHC 509-270-5460

Weeks & Vietri Counseling & Community Services 208-882-8514
Mental health and substance abuse issues

Wilson Psychological Services 509-334-0782
On call 208-883-5037
Children through adults; families, couples/individuals

  • George Langfield, M.Ed.
  • Bonita Lawhead, B.S., CDP
  • Greg Wilson, Ph.D.

Lori Woodward Bobo, EdS, M.Ed., LMHC 509-643-3416

Anger Management & Domestic Violence

George Langfield, M.Ed. 509-334-1133

Greg Wilson, Ph.D. 509-334-0782

Crime Victim Services

24-hour Crisis Line 800-701-8385

Custody Evaluations

Priscilla Hernandez Hacker Ph.D. 208-883-7766
Wilson Psychological Associates 509-334-0782

Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Palouse Recovery Center, LLC 509-334-0718
Palouse River Counseling 509-334-1133
Weeks & Vietri Counseling & Comm. Svcs. 208-882-8514

Hospitals: Main Line

Gritman Medical Center 208-882-4511
Pullman Regional Hospital 509-332-2541
Sacred Heart Medical Center (Spokane) 509-474-3131
St Joseph Medical Center (Lewiston) 208-743-2511

Testing and Assessment

Rehnberg & Walker 208-883-1144
WSU Psychology Clinic 509-335-3587
Wilson Psychological Services 509-334-0782
Jarod Fitzgerald, Ph.D. 509-758-9698
Jessica Viergutz, Psy.D. 509-332-2600

Police Departments

Moscow Police Department 208-883-7054
Pullman Police Department 509-332-2521
WSU Police 509-335-8548
Emergency Dial 911

Psychiatric Services (Outpatient)

Pullman Regional Hospital Behavioral Health 509-339-2394

  • Timmothy Stoddard, MD
  • Alan Unis, MD
  • Debra Blazzard, ARNP
  • Lynn-Marie Peashka, PMHNP-BC

St. Joseph Mental Health Center

  • Outpatient 208-799-6500
  • Inpatient 208-799-5700

Palouse River Counseling 509-334-1133
Bridgeway Counseling (Lewiston) 208-746-6776

Sexual Assault

Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse 509-332-4357 (24-hour hotline)

Sliding Fee Scale

Bonita Lawhead, B.S., C.D.P 509-334-0782

Andrea Masom, LCPC 208-882-1289

Piper Warwick, MS, LMHC 509-270-5460

WSU Psychology Clinic 509-335-3587
Therapists are Ph.D. students in the clinical psychology department at WSU