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Suicide prevention training available online

Suicide prevention training available online

Research shows the majority of college students who choose to tell someone they’re having suicidal thoughts talk to a friend, roommate, or romantic partner.1 That’s why it’s critical to prepare WSU students to respond to someone in crisis.

As part of our broader suicide prevention efforts, we’re working to train as many students, faculty, and staff as possible through our Campus Connect program. Starting this summer, Campus Connect is available online through our partnership with Global Campus.

Online training gives every Coug access to reliable resources and information related to suicide, and establishes a permanent resource they can refer back to. Offering the program online also ensures that WSU students on campuses throughout Washington and all over the world have access to suicide prevention training.

Anyone with a WSU ID number can access free, full-length suicide prevention training online.  To attend, Campus Connect you can visit the Global Campus website. You can also request brochures typically provided during training.

Please note the activities in this training were modified to suit the needs of a virtual audience. Campus Connect is an interactive training and most effective in-person. Suicide is a challenging and highly personal topic and reactions to talking about issues surrounding mental health and suicide can vary significantly.

If you have more questions or concerns about this topic or training, please email Victoria Braun at

1. Drum, Brownson, Burton Denmark, and Smith, 2014 – “New Data on the Nature of Suicidal Crises in College Students: Shifting the Paradigm.” pg. 218

What is a gatekeeper?

What is a gatekeeper?

A gatekeeper is someone in a natural position to see warning signs of suicide in others. Gatekeepers interact frequently with students and can guide someone to the appropriate professional care or resources. Examples of gatekeepers might be Residence Life staff, academic advisors or student leaders.

Experts in suicidology have developed many kinds of training for gatekeepers. For WSU, we selected Campus Connect, a program developed by Syracuse University in 2005. This training teaches participants the warning signs and risk factors for suicide, how to ask someone if they are having thoughts of suicide and crisis response.

Campus Connect is a Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC) best practice program. It’s a flexible training that allows us to adapt content to fit our university’s unique needs. A large portion of the program focuses on active listening and empathetic responses. These tools can help someone respond to any type of crisis.

This summer, we worked with Residence Life to train all Resident Advisors and Resident Executive Directors in Campus Connect.

Providing gatekeeper training is one step in many to prevent suicide on college campuses. Our next step is to take this training to other key groups, including:

  • Veterans Affairs
  • International Students
  • Campus Police

If you are interested in crisis response training, contact Victoria Braun by email or phone at 509-335-8998.