At Cougar Health Services (CHS), you will find an inclusive environment where all Cougs feel cared for and welcomed. Our mission is to provide care that engages and empowers WSU students to take ownership of their health and well-being. We provide these services in ways that are student-centered, culturally informed, integrated, and accessible. 

Our History 

CHS has a long and rich history as a visionary leader in college health and wellbeing. We trace our roots to 1903, when a smallpox outbreak prompted the legislature to appropriate money to build a small hospital named Maple Cottage next to College Hall. WSU was a founding member of what is now the American College Health Association and was present in Chicago, Illinois, for its inaugural meeting in 1920. In 1928, the Finch Memorial Hospital Building, now known as the Washington Building, was built.  

For 57 years, WSU’s student health services shared this location with Pullman’s community hospital until their new facility on Bishop Boulevard was finished in 2004. The CHS Medical Services and Counseling and Psychological Services continue to occupy this historic building, along with our partners in the Access Center and Health Promotion. Together, our vision for CHS is to continue as innovative leaders in fostering the lifelong health and well-being of WSU students. 

Our Values 

Our values and guiding principles are like the foundation under our building. These principles are unchanging and inform everything we do.  

  • We promise to act with integrity, commit to honest and ethical behavior, to doing the right thing for those we serve, and communicate with transparency.  
  • We act with compassion, striving to understand and meet the needs of our students in a way that makes them feel valued.  
  • We work together in collaboration, valuing teamwork to positively impact the lives of our students and the community we serve.  
  • We believe firmly in the importance of inclusion, treating everyone in our diverse community - students and colleagues alike - with dignity and respect. 


We are honored to care for you during your time at WSU Pullman. Whether you come to the Washington Building to see one of our medical providers, have a virtual visit with one of our medical professionals, get fitted with new contacts by our vision experts, or take advantage of our on-site pharmacy, we are glad that we get to be here as your home for health and well-being over the next few years.  

Stay healthy, and Go Cougs!