The Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) helps ensure that student voices are represented in student health care and mental health care decisions. 

SHAC acts as a connection between students and CHS by working closely with CHS leadership to provide student guidance and feedback on services related to student mental, physical, and emotional health. Members advocate for student concerns, influence decisions around health services and initiatives, develop an understanding of managing health services and initiatives on a college campus, and develop communication and leadership skills. 

Pivotal to the SHAC mission is encouraging and valuing the diversity of its members. SHAC believes that inclusivity and equity are essential to its role advising Cougar Health, and we are committed to being a diverse and inclusive group. 

All WSU students are invited to attend SHAC meetings. If you’re interested in influencing health care and mental health care on campus, please attend a meeting! 

If you have questions, contact the SHAC chair at 

Get Involved

Attend a Meeting

You do not have to be a member of SHAC to attend a meeting. If you are interested in attending a meeting, please contact the SHAC chair at for the Zoom link. 

Become a Member

Applications to become a voting member of SHAC open in the fall each year. Meetings are open to all, and students are encouraged to attend at least one meeting before becoming a member.  

Please email to be notified when SHAC is accepting applications. Members are expected to attend monthly 1-hour meetings and a New Member Orientation in January. 

Become an Officer

Becoming a SHAC officer is a great opportunity to get involved with Cougar Health Services and help determine how health care and mental health care is provided on campus. SHAC seeks officers who are open-minded, work well in a team, and are looking for mentorship.  

No health care experience is necessary, but you need to attend at least one SHAC meeting before applying to be an officer.  

The SHAC time commitment is low. SHAC officers meet twice per month for one hour (an officer meeting and a full committee meeting). New officers will be expected to attend a New Officer Orientation. 

Open Officer Positions

  • Chair-Elect

    The SHAC chair-elect: 

    • Assists with managing and coordinating committee operations 
    • Performs chair duties when the chair is unavailable 
    • Takes over as chair during second year of a two-year term 
  • Secretary

    The SHAC secretary: 

    • Prepares the meeting room for the monthly SHAC meeting (sets up Zoom software and prepares the Meeting Minutes Template) 
    • Records meeting minutes in the designated format 
    • Sends meeting minutes to CHS administration within seven days of the meeting 
    • Coordinates with chair and CHS administration to maintain all committee records, including membership applications, code of conduct agreements, contact information, and any other important committee documents 
    • Assists chair and vice chair in coordinating committee operations 


Recruitment for officer positions will begin in spring of 2022. Please email if you would like to be notified. 

If you have questions about SHAC, contact 

More About SHAC

  • Official Functions
    • Serves as a liaison among students, student government, and administrators 
    • Reviews, advises, and makes recommendations on: 
      • Student health fees 
      • Application and/or use of student activity fees 
      • Program and service assessment 
      • Facility scheduling and operating hours 
      • Capital projects and improvements 
  • Composition and Tenure
    • Four student officers with one-year terms (except the chair-elect, which is a two-year term; the chair-elect becomes the chair during their second year) 
    • Nine student members with one-year terms 
    • Three student-appointed members with one-year terms (the ASWSU executive officer, GPSA executive officer, and an RHA member) 
    • Two administrators that serve as ex-officio members: the executive director of CHS and another CHS staff member 
  • Current Committee Membership
    • Joshika Suresh, Chair (committee term end: Summer 2022) 
    • Jordan Kreyenhagen, Chair-Elect (committee term end: Summer 2022) 
    • Natalie Williams, Secretary (committee term end: Summer 2022) 
    • Ellen Taylor, Interim Vice President of Student Affairs, Ex officio (committee term end: Indefinite) 
    • Joel Schwartzkopf, Executive Director of Cougar Health Services, Ex officio (committee term end: Indefinite) 
    • Aaron Papin, Administrative Assistant –Cougar Health Services, Ex officio (committee term end: Indefinite)