The SHAC's mission is to incorporate student voices in forming CHS policies to promote physical, mental, and emotional health across campus.

The SHAC is a liaison between university students and Cougar Health Services by integrating student representatives and CHS faculty to discuss health policies, promotion, and accessibility. Student members have the critical role of providing feedback on health services, voting on health fees, and integrating new policies to promote all forms of health across campus. 

Promoting diversity remains one of the central goals of the SHAC to represent best the overall needs of the university and its students. All WSU students are welcome to attend a SHAC meeting and become formal members at any point during the year. 

If you are interested in influencing student healthcare policies on campus or have questions about the SHAC, contact the council chair at

Get Involved

Become a Member

All students are welcome and encouraged to attend SHAC meetings. To become voting members, students must attend at least one meeting in-person. Contact the SHAC chair at for the meeting schedule.

Become an Officer

Becoming a SHAC officer is an excellent opportunity to get involved with Cougar Health Services and improve care and accessibility to students on campus.

SHAC seeks open-minded, collaborative, and ambitious leaders to fill these roles. You can apply to become an officer in the Spring semester by contacting the SHAC chair at No healthcare experience is required, but students must attend at least one in-person meeting before applying.

Officer Positions

  • Chair

    • Coordinate with CHS Administration to develop meeting agendas and choose areas of focus. 
    • Managing council membership.  
    • Represent and guide the mission of the SHAC.  
    • Mentor and train the Chair-Elect to take over responsibilities next election year. 
  • Chair-Elect

    • Assist with managing and coordinating council operations.  
    • Perform chair duties when the chair is unavailable.
    • Serve as an interim officer for any vacant positions
    • Serve as Chair of SHAC the following election.
  • Secretary

    • Prepare meeting room for monthly SHAC meeting: set up Zoom software and prepare the Meeting Minutes Template.
    • Record meeting minutes in the designated format. Distribute meeting minutes to all SHAC and CHS Administration members within seven days of the meeting.
    • Coordinate with Chair and CHS Administration to maintain all council records, including membership applications, code of conduct agreements, contact information, and other essential documents.  
  • Student Engagement Officer

    • Manage recruitment of potential new members 
    • Manage and attend outreach events (tabling, etc.) 
    • Collaborate with Chair and SHAC members to manage membership retention. 


Recruitment for officer positions will begin in the Spring of 2024. Please email if you would like to be notified, take on an officer role, or have any questions regarding applications.

More About SHAC

  • Official Functions

    • Serves as a liaison among students, student government, and administrators 
    • Reviews, advises, and makes recommendations on: 
      • Student health fees 
      • Application and/or use of student activity fees 
      • Program and service assessment 
      • Facility scheduling and operating hours 
      • Capital projects and improvements 
  • Composition and Tenure

    • Four student officers with one-year terms (except the chair-elect, which is a two-year term; the chair-elect becomes the chair during their second year) 
    • Three student members with one-year terms (the ASWSU executive officer, GPSA executive officer, and an RHA member) 
    • Two administrators serve as ex-officio members: the executive director of CHS and another CHS staff member
    • Student voting members to implement new policies
  • Current Committee Membership

    • Autumn Chumley, Chair (Term end: Summer 2024)
    • Mackenzie Hammonds, Chair-Elect (Term end: Summer 2024)
    • Kadence Carvalho, Secretary (Term end: Summer 2024)
    • Annabella Drew, Student Engagement Officer (Term end: Summer 2024)
    • Joel Schwartzkopf, CHS Executive Director, (Term end: Indefinite)
    • Justin Petersen, CHS Quality Assurance and Compliance Coordinator, (Term end: Indefinite)