Mental Health Resources


Learn how to practice mindfulness, an awareness technique that can help you feel calm and grounded. 


It’s easy to overlook your own needs when you’re busy. Get tips on taking healthy breaks and caring for yourself.  

Stress Relief

College life can be stressful. Learn your triggers and techniques for coping with and relieving stress. 

Sadness or Depression

Learn what depression looks like and the resources available to help you. 

Healthy Study Habits

Check out healthy ways to study and implement good habits that stick. 

Relationships & Dating Violence

Learn what healthy relationships look like and find tips on creating connections with others. 

Mental Health During a Pandemic

Things are not so normal right now. Check here for tools and tips to help you care for your mental wellbeing.

Community Referrals

In some situations, your counselor may recommend transition of care to a community provider. We can help you find a community psychiatrist, therapist, or other services that would best fit your needs.

Examples of situations for which we may recommend transition of care:

  • Chronic mental health conditions that are best treated through longer-term, ongoing care
  • Court-ordered treatment, treatment that is a stipulation of probation, or evaluations for attorneys
  • Intensive substance abuse treatment
  • Ongoing treatment for students who chronically present an imminent risk to self or others
  • Recent and/or history of multiple psychiatric hospitalization
  • Students who aren’t engaged in treatment (for example, missing 2 appointments in a row)
  • Students who want an open-ended, potentially longer-term treatment relationship
  • Treatment that falls outside of our expertise