Vision Clinic

At Cougar Health Services, we know that vision is important to your overall health. Taking care of your vision can not only help you see clearly now – it can also help prevent problems down the road. 
Located in the Washington Building (Cougar Health Services) NE Washington St., Pullman

Today's Hours

Vision Clinic

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Need an appointment?

No wait lists! We have same-day appointments available and we are able to see most students within just a few days. To make an eye care appointment, log in to your Patient Portal or call us at 509-335-0360.

Canceling or Rescheduling Appointments 

Because services are in high demand, missed appointments mean missed opportunities for other students needing services. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please call 509-335-3575 or visit your patient portal.

There is a $25 no-show fee for missed or late arrival for appointments.

Text Notifications

If you want to receive text notifications when your contacts or glasses are ready to be picked up, you can sign up in person or by contacting us.  

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We are committed to providing professional, highly accessible vision care for WSU students. Our trained eye care professionals provide comprehensive eye exams using state-of-the-art equipment. Services include: 

  • Comprehensive eye exams 
  • Treatment for eye conditions such as dry eye, allergies, diabetes, glaucoma, and macular degeneration 
  • Eyeglass adjustments and repairs  
  • Contact lens fittings 
  • Emergency same-day appointments for conditions such as red eye, flashes of light, floaters, and injuries to the eyes/face
  • Pre- and post-operative Lasik care


You can purchase eyewear and accessories at our retail store in the CHS Vision Clinic.. We can fill prescriptions for glasses or contacts from our optometrist or other providers. If we don’t have your current prescription on file, we can get it from your previous provider. 

  • Contacts

    • We can order any brand of contacts to fill your prescription. 
    • Most contact lens orders arrive within 5-7 business days. If you have a current contact lens prescription and need a refill, please contact us
  • Glasses

    • Our stock of eyeglass frames and sunglasses includes options to fit most budgets. We have a large inventory of prescription eyeglass lenses in stock and a full-service lab. If we have your prescription lenses in stock, we can have your glasses ready in 1 business day. If we need to order your prescription lenses, they will usually arrive in about five business days. 
    • $200 Cougar Package
      The Cougar Package includes selected frames, single-vision polycarbonate lenses, and an anti-reflective coating for $200.
    • Blue Light Protective Eyewear
      We sell eyewear designed to help protect your eyes from artificial blue light from computers, smartphones, and other screens. We also offer a blue light-blocking, no-glare coating that can be added to any pair of eyeglass lenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What eyewear brands do you carry?

    Our inventory changes often to provide both current and classic styles. We  carry many popular brands like:

    • Burberry 
    • Calvin Klein
    • Oakley 
    • Prada 
    • Ray-Ban  
    • Tom Ford 
    • TOMS Eyewear 
    • Under Armour 
    • and many more!
  • What accessories do you sell?

    We carry a variety of eye care products, including:

    • Lubricating Eye Drops 
    • Contact Lens Solutions 
    • Dry Eye Masks 
    • Eyeglass Cases 
    • Eyeglass Len Cleaner 
    • Non-Prescription Sunglasses
    • Pataday Allergy Eye Drops
    • Blink Rewetting Drops for Contact Lenses
  • How does billing work?

    As a specialty clinic, our billing and costs sometimes differ from the Medical Clinic. There’s a charge for office visits and we collect payment at the time of your visit. 

    If you have an insurance plan with vision benefits, we can bill your insurance. We can help you find out what your individual coverage and costs will be and assist you with any necessary paperwork. Contact the billing department for details. 

    For medical services and retail purchases, we accept Visa, MasterCard, check, cash or ApplePay. 

  • What if I have an after-hours eye emergency?

    Call 911 or go to the nearest emergency department.

  • Will I have my eyes dilated?

    Dilation is an important part of a complete eye exam. Although not every appointment requires dilation, it is best to be prepared that you may need to have your eyes dilated at your appointment. The dilation will make reading things up close difficult and make lights brighter than usual.  This will last for 4-6 hours, although it can last longer in some people.

    Most people will be able to drive short distances once their eyes are dilated as long as they have sunglasses (which we can provide if you don’t have any). However, if you feel uncomfortable driving, or have never driven with your eyes dilated, it may be best to have a driver. 

  • I’m not sure if I need vision correction. What should I do?

    Contact the Vision Clinic at 509-335-0360 or and we will help you schedule an appointment.