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Cougar Health Services Counseling and Psychological Services

COVID-19 Update

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS has modified practice procedures and will be providing all services by secure Zoom or telephone. Please call the reception desk at 509-335-4511 during regular business hours to access services, whether you are a current counseling client, current psychiatry client, or a student who wants to start counseling or psychiatry.

Testing Services is operating with limited capacity. Students and visitors are expected to abide by all current COVID-19 related university policies and public health directives, including:

  • wearing a mask/cloth face covering,
  • maintaining physical distancing of 6 feet, and
  • completing positive self-attestation.

If you are feeling sick (coughing, fever, trouble breathing, etc.), stay home, and contact your healthcare provider. If you must cancel your exam because of illness, we will reschedule the exam as soon as possible. Any testing candidate exhibiting symptoms consistent with being ill will not be admitted for testing.

Students or visitors who do not comply with these directives will be required to leave the testing center; in egregious or repetitive cases, WSU students may be referred to the Center for Community Standards.

Psychological Assessment

Attention deficit (ADD/ADHD) and learning disabilities including dyslexia can be diagnosed by a qualified professional. Please learn about the options available for assessment and choose which works best for you.

Accommodations for attention deficit and learning disabilities are granted through the WSU Access Center when appropriate based on current and thoroughly documented assessment. Students with a previous diagnosis may not need additional assessment in order to receive accommodations or medical treatment. Contact the WSU Access Center at 509-335-3417 or your doctor to determine if additional assessment is needed.

Counseling and Psychological Services is one source for current WSU Pullman students for assessment of Attention Deficit (ADD/ADHD) and Learning Disabilities, including dyslexia and slow reading. These services are available only to current WSU Pullman students.

Testing process

The testing process is intended to help you and your counselor better understand your intellectual, academic, and emotional functioning. It may be particularly helpful when it is believed that problems in one or more of these areas might be interfering with successful functioning in other areas of your life. Testing often results in specific recommendations, provided by your counselor, regarding how you may improve problematic areas in your life.

To determine if testing is warranted, students are asked to come to Counseling and Psychological Services to pick up a “testing packet.” The packet contains a questionnaire and other materials related to psychological testing. Once the packet is completed and returned to Counseling and Psychological Services, you will be scheduled to meet with one of our counselors. Occasionally, after discussion with students, it is determined that their needs would be better met through a referral to resources outside of Counseling and Psychological Services. If your counselor or their supervisor determines this to be the case, they will work with you to provide an appropriate referral.

When testing is warranted, the process typically consists of 3-4 appointments with your counselor, each lasting 2-3 hours, over a period of weeks. During these appointments you will be asked to complete a variety of activities designed to help your counselor better understand aspects of your intellectual, academic, and emotional functioning. Your counselor will openly discuss the assessment process with you, including the nature and purposes of the various instruments and activities that you may be asked to complete. Throughout the testing process you have the right to inquire about the nature and purpose of any and all procedures. Testing will conclude with a thorough discussion of your testing results, including any need you may have for us to communicate those results to individuals outside of Counseling and Psychological Services.

Evaluating our services helps us maintain their quality. You may be asked to fill out a short questionnaire regarding your testing experience. In addition, you are encouraged to give individual feedback to your counselor at any time.

Testing staff

Our testing staff is composed of licensed psychologists and counselors, post-doctoral psychological residents, and doctoral-level counselors-in-training. Post-doctoral psychological residents and other counselors-in-training are supervised by licensed psychologists and meet regularly with these supervisors to discuss their clinical work. If you are working with a counselor-in-training, they will provide information to you at the outset of the testing process regarding their supervisor and how you may contact them if you would like to do so.

Fees and scheduling

At the outset of the testing process you will be asked to provide personal information on the “testing packet” forms. At the completion of the testing process a written report of your testing results will be created and maintained at Counseling and Psychological Services. The information you provide and all information produced as a result of the testing process will be treated confidentially. At your request, your counselor will work with you to provide documentation of your testing results to pertinent entities outside of Counseling and Psychological Services.

After you complete and return the Testing Intake Forms and other supporting documentation a counselor will review your information and you will be contacted to schedule an initial appointment. During that appointment your counselor will discuss your concerns and make a determination as to whether testing is warranted. If it is determined that testing is warranted and testing is subsequently conducted you will be billed an administrative fee. If testing is not conducted after your interview you will not be billed the administrative fee.

We charge a $250 assessment fee. The fee for assessment is charged directly to the WSU student account when testing starts. Due to the low cost for services there is very high demand for assessment and therefore students seeking assessment are placed on a wait list. Students with limited available time may have to wait longer for a clinician to be available at that specific time. Testing usually involves 10-20 hours of assessment that take place over several weeks. After testing, the clinician completes a thorough testing report which takes several more weeks.


There is very high demand for testing services, frequently requiring that students must wait to be scheduled for testing. Appointments cancelled with insufficient notice and “no show” appointments result in significant lost time that could have been used to serve the needs of another student that is waiting for testing. Due to this high demand we ask that you do everything possible to keep your scheduled appointments. If you must cancel a testing appointment you must do so at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. Cancelling an appointment with less than 24 hours notice or missing a scheduled appointment will result in being billed a $50 missed appointment fee and being moved to the end of the waiting list for testing or being removed from the list altogether.


Testing and information resulting from testing are private. Who is a client at Counseling and Psychological Services, what is discussed, and all testing materials and results are confidential. This information is not exchanged with anyone outside our agency without your written permission. There are exceptions to this by Washington state law. If we suspect that a child or vulnerable adult is being injured or endangered, we are obligated by law to contact the appropriate authorities. If information is subpoenaed by a court, we must comply with that request. If we believe that you may be in imminent danger of injuring yourself or someone else, we may contact emergency personnel, family, or significant others, including the emergency contact person you identified when you initially completed the Testing Intake Forms, to facilitate maintaining your safety and the safety of others.

Often students presenting for testing have reasons to communicate the results of their assessment with other parties (e.g., the Access Center). If this is the case, your counselor will discuss this process with you and obtain your written consent before releasing information to anyone outside our agency. Additionally, in order to coordinate the best services possible for you, we may consult with other Cougar Health Services providers without your written permission.

Please be aware that e-mail is not confidential. If you choose to communicate with us by e-mail, we recommend that you not include content of a private nature. Also, please be aware that e-mail messages may not be read in a timely fashion. If you need to speak with a counselor urgently, please contact us by phone or utilize crisis support services. Additionally, please note that Counseling and Psychological Services discourages its counselors from engaging in online social networking with current or former clients. We request permission to use the email address you provided to Counseling and Psychological Services as a preferred method to contact you in the future.

RCW 70.02.120 Notice of Information Practices

We keep a record of services we provide you. We will not disclose your record to others unless you direct us to do so or unless the law authorizes and compels us to do so. You may ask to see a copy of your record and you may ask us to correct that record. If you wish to do so, the receptionist will explain the procedure to you.

Our records are stored in locking file cabinets within the counseling center and electronically on a file server that is protected by passwords and a firewall that is stored in a physically secure facility.


Understanding the above information is important. Please discuss with your counselor any questions you have about the testing process, about confidentiality, or any other concerns you may have. Call 509-335-1744 to learn more about learning disability and ADHD assessment services.

Other providers

WSU students and community members can also work with testing and assessment providers in the area. Assessment providers in the Pullman area are included on our:

For referrals to assessment providers outside the Pullman area, WSU students can contact us at 509-335-1744.