Dani  Callahan

Dani Callahan

Social Worker Associate (LSWAIC)

I am a counselor and Social Work Associate providing individual therapy, support groups, and workshops to students on campus. I also serve as a liaison between CAPS and Greek Life.

I strive to build a nonjudgmental, encouraging space where students can be who they are while sharing in a way that is unfiltered and authentic to them. Any therapy I provide is rooted in a strength-based approach, focusing on utilizing a student’s strengths, resourcefulness, and resiliency. Each treatment plan is tailored to a student’s unique individual needs, an understanding of their world, and values, beliefs, and goals for therapy. I frequently incorporate aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, assisting students in identifying unhelpful thinking patterns that keep them stuck in their healing journey and working to form new alternative beliefs that promote lasting change.

I earned my Master’s in Social Work from Arizona State University after graduating with a BS in Psychology from the University of Idaho in 2013. My prior work experience includes suicide prevention- intervention- postvention, facilitating psychoeducational and support groups, crisis response, specialized sexual assault therapy, and working with those struggling with mood disorders. One of my core values is growth through ongoing professional development that includes expanding my knowledge and treatment modalities and specializing in new focus areas.

My wife and I enjoy anything that involves our three-year-old dog, George. Most weekends, you will find us spending time with family and friends, often bringing multiple board games to any event. My favorite holiday is March Madness and I have taken time off work for the last 12 years to watch or attend the tournament's first round.