Primary Care

Maintaining your health is key to your overall well-being. Regular visits with a health care provider can help ensure that you stay healthy so you can make the most of your Coug experience.

When you make an appointment at CHS, you’ll automatically be assigned a primary care provider (PCP). Once you are assigned to a PCP, you will have the option to  schedule with that provider each time you make an appointment, which ensures continuity of care. Continuity of care is an important component of primary care because having a relationship with your PCP allows you to receive higher quality, more personalized care. You may also schedule with other providers, depending on your individual needs. 

Our PCPs include board-certified physicians, nationally certified physician assistants, and nurse practitioners who are all licensed by the state of Washington Department of Health. Each provider is part of a larger team that also includes registered nurses, medical assistants, and support staff. You can find your PCP by logging in to your Patient Portal or calling Cougar Health Services.

Need an appointment?

New Patient

The CHS Patient Portal makes it easy to schedule your first appointment: Simply click the “Make an Appointment” button on the right to be taken to your Patient Portal. Use your WSU credentials to log in.  

Once you’re in the portal, click on Make an Appointment and choose the type of appointment you need by answering the questions on the screen. As part of that process, you’ll be asked to fill out a pre-visit questionnaire regarding the reason for your visit, which helps the clinical staff anticipate your needs during your visit. 

While you’re in your Patient Portal, we encourage you to upload a copy of your insurance card by clicking on Insurance Card from the menu on the left side of your screen.   

You can also call us at 509-335-3575 during business hours to schedule an appointment. If you schedule your appointment over the phone, we ask that you go to your Patient Portal and upload your insurance card and complete the pre-visit questionnaire. The questionnaire will be under Appointments in the left-hand column, which will have a purple tag with the number of questionnaires you need to complete (this will typically show one unless you have multiple upcoming visits). 

If you have any questions, please call us at 509-335-3575. 

Returning Patient

If you’ve visited CHS in the past, you’re already established in our system. To make an appointment, simply log in to your Patient Portal and follow the steps or call 509-335-3575. 

Canceling or Rescheduling Appointments 

Because services are in high demand, missed appointments mean missed opportunities for other students needing services. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please call 509-335-3575 or visit your patient portal.

There is a $25 no-show fee for missed or late arrival for appointments.

What does a Primary Care Provider (PCP) do?

  • Provides ongoing, preventative, comprehensive care 
  • Treats general illnesses, viruses, disorders and injuries (e.g., flu, strep throat, STIs) 
  • Gives advice on making healthy lifestyle choices 
  • Refers you to a specialist if you have specific health needs 
  • Allows you to have the same health care provider for your whole academic experience at WSU 
  • Provides continuity in managing your health care 
  • Saves you time during your visits because your provider will already know your medical history  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I have an emergency?

    Dial 911 in an emergency or proceed to the nearest emergency department:

  • Can I get medical advice over the phone?

    Yes, you can call our 24-hour nurse line at 509-335-3575. Always dial 911 in an emergency.

  • How much does it cost to see a primary care provider?

    Costs can vary depending on insurance coverage. See our Billing and Insurance page for more.

  • Is there an urgent care on campus?

    Cougar Health Services is a primary care clinic. We do not have an urgent care, but we are able to see students for most needs in a timely manner. Please call if you have an urgent need. If it is an emergency, call 911.

    The CHS medical clinic has a Respiratory Care Center with same-day appointment availability that specializes in seeing individuals with upper respiratory complaints.   

    In order to meet your needs, we make sure to keep appointment slots open for unexpected illnesses and injuries that require same-day care. Please call to schedule an appointment if it is within 48 hours of the time you need to be seen. 

  • Do your PCPs conduct telehealth appointments?

    Cougar Health Services does offer telehealth appointments for many appointment types. If you are interested in a telehealth appointment, call CHS at 509-335-3575 to schedule (and to ensure the appointment can be conducted via telehealth). 

  • I have an ongoing medical issue. How do I transfer my records to CHS from my provider at home?

    Students needing to transfer records must fill out a Consent to Release of Information form at their physician’s office; you can also request the form through CHS. The CHS forms are located on our website or can be picked up in person.

    On the form, you will choose whether you want CHS to send or receive health information. Once you've completed the form, you can mail, email, or fax it to CHS.  

  • Can my parents or other family members talk to my PCP about me?

    Federal and state regulations prohibit us from discussing health information with anyone other than the patient without written permission. Parents or guardians cannot access your medical records without your consent.

    You can choose to allow discussions about your medical history and needs with designated individuals by filling out a Release of Information form; forms can be found on our website or at CHS.