Many students find that they need mental health help during their time at WSU, and psychiatry can be one avenue to explore on your mental health journey. 

We offer a range of psychiatric services designed to support your overall health, well-being, and quality of life. Read on to see if psychiatric services are right for you. 

Psychiatry vs. Psychology

Psychiatry and psychology are often confused. Both are forms of mental health care, but they differ in some key ways.  

Psychiatrists are medical doctors or nurse practitioners who treat people with mental health concerns with a combination of prescription medications and other therapies. Psychologists help students with mental health concerns through services like individual and group counseling, workshops, and other non-pharmaceutical therapies.  

At CHS, the two types of providers work together to ensure you receive the right combination of mental health services. 

Is psychiatry right for me? 

If you have mental health concerns, it can be difficult to know if psychiatry or psychology is best for you. Our providers can help you determine the best services and support for your needs.  

Info on how that’s done, who needs psychiatric services, what types of mental health needs are appropriate for psychiatry, etc. 

To see a psychiatric provider, a clinician referral is required.  Call (509) 335-5759 to make an appointment.

Costs can vary depending on insurance coverage.  See our Billing and Insurance page for more.


We offer a variety of services in our on-campus clinic: 

  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Medication management for patients with psychiatric concerns 
  • Psychological treatment for conditions that may have both medical and stress-related components 
  • Other services