Taking care of your physical and mental wellbeing are important to stay healthy and manage stress during this time.

What You Can Do

  • Set a limit on how much time you check the news for updates
    • It is ok to stay up to date on news of COVID-19, especially if you have loved ones in places where people have gotten sick. It is also important to have limits on how much time you spend reading or watching news updates – the more you are exposed to news updates, the more your stress can increase.
  • Connect with friends, loved ones, and others in your support system
    • Talk about your feelings
    • Listen to others if they need to talk
    • Respect others who need time alone
  • Practice self-care
  • Help others in your community
  • Stay physically active
    • Take short breaks throughout the day instead of sitting for long periods of time
    • Try out a virtual workout
    • Go on a walk
    • Remember to stay hydrated

General Resources

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