Mental Health and Well-being

Anytime. Anywhere. For All Students.

Regardless of where you are with your own mental health, these resources can help. They are for any student who is:

  • proactively seeking ways to maintain their health, 
  • deciding whether they need or want professional help,  
  • waiting for or in between appointments with a mental health professional,  
  • or those who just need an occasional check-in or reminder. 

These services are made for YOU. You may need them once, you may need them all the time. Whatever works for you. 

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Access to Care

Call 911 in any emergency situation or if a student poses an immediate threat to themselves or others.


  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS): 509-335-4511
  • After-hours crisis support: 509-335-2159

Additional Pullman Campus and Community Resources

See Counseling and Psychological Services for individual counseling, group counseling and more.

WellTrack Boost

WellTrack is an online self-directed therapy experience for managing depression and anxiety. WellTrack can be used as a self-help tool or in combination with counseling.

The WellTrack companion app, MoodCheck,  allows you to monitor your mood throughout the day and connect to what influences your mood. Download the MoodCheck app for iOS and Android.

WellTrack features a wellness assessment that students can take once or as needed, to help them understand how their daily activities are connected to how they feel.

WellTrack includes structured sections on managing depression and anxiety, tools and resources to deal with these issues, relaxation exercises, simulated situations to deal with specific concerns (including public speaking), and a “Zen Room” to assist with meditation.


Whether you’re struggling to cope, feeling low, or just need a place to talk, Togetherall can help you explore your feelings in a safe, supportive environment. 

What is Togetherall, and what resources can I find there? 

  • An anonymous community where members can share how they're feeling and support each other.
  • Accessible and clinically managed by trained professionals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Self-assessments & recommended resources 
  • Creative tools to help express how you’re feeling 
  • Wide range of self-guided courses to do at your own pace

Welltrack Connect: The Shrink Space

WSU has partnered with The Shrink Space to help you connect with off-campus mental health care providers who can meet your particular needs. Search for providers within your local network, as well as a nationwide network of providers who work with college and graduate students. 

The Shrink Space allows you to search for providers in your area, based on specialties, therapist identities, insurance/cost, and more.


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  2. Select "Washington State University"
  3. Enter WSU Email and Password. Select "Log In"

Search our tailored directory of off-campus therapists specialized in student mental health