As school and work transitions to a virtual environment, it can take time to adjust to a new schedule. As you make this transition to studying and working for home, there are different things you can do to be intentional with your time.

What You Can Do

  • Plan ahead by creating a daily and/or weekly schedule
    • Fill a calendar or planner with due dates for the rest of the semester
    • Schedule in time for reading, study, and completing assignments
    • Also schedule in time for non-school related things such as time with your pet
  • Focus on one task at a time and set time limits for each task
  • Prepare your workspace
    • Find a comfortable, well-lit place to complete your work and studies
    • Make sure you have the office supplies and technology you need to work from home
  • Block distractions
    • Turn off social media
    • Try using a timer app such as the Focus Keeper or Flora
  • Take breaks and reward yourself (ex: watch your favorite show, engage in some leisurely fun, get active)
  • Stay hydrated and eat regular meals
    • Use down time to meal prep for the week
  • Be early to online meetings to plan for potential technology problems
  • Leave buffer time in your schedule so your tasks aren’t back to back

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