Relieving Stress 

Anxiety, loneliness, stress, and isolation are normal to experience in college and in life. If you’re feeling any (or all) of these, you’re not alone! 

However, even those these feelings are completely normal, they can negatively impact your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health over time. Stress and anxiety in particular can be damaging to your health. 

If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, it’s important to know how to cope with those feelings in healthy ways and to know where you can get support. You can find guidance on relieving your stress in the tips and resources below. 

What You Can Do

  • Recognize your stress 
    • It’s important to recognize when you’re feeling stressed so you can make time to relax. 
  • Relax in ways that work best for you: 
    • Take deep breaths 
    • Go on a walk 
    • Stretch 
    • Meditate 
    • Enjoy fun hobbies 
    • Read a good book 
    • Listen to music 
    • Spend time with friends 
  • Keep yourself healthy 
    • Eat, drink water, and sleep regularly 
    • Engage in movement that feels good to you, whether that’s a strenuous workout or a gentle yoga session 
    • Reduce caffeine and alcohol 
  • Create structure for your day 
    • Keep a calendar 
    • Set up a routine for your day 
    • Schedule in time for breaks and self-care 
    • Be mindful of others you live with, whether family or roommates 
  • Plan out big projects 
    • Create a schedule for big projects to ensure you give yourself enough time to complete them 
    • Create intermediate goals/milestones and reward yourself for meeting them 
    • Make sure your schedule considers your other projects and responsibilities 

Resources to Try

  • Get text support. Text @STRESS to 844-486-0046 to opt in to receive weekly stress management tips via text message. You can join at any time, and this program is available for students at all WSU locations.
    • Messages and data rates may apply. To cancel messages, you can reply with “STOP.” To get more information, you can reply with “HELP.” Content within the text messaging program adheres to the WSU Privacy Policy
  • Try a workshop. The Academic Success and Career Center offers workshops on a variety of topics, including stress management and managing your motivation.